Jesse Robbins

Founder in San Francisco, California

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I am founder and CEO of Orion Labs, a design oriented wearable communications startup in San Francisco with an amazing team.

Before that I was founded Chef, served for the first 3 years as CEO, then Chief Community Officer, and now continue to serve as an advisor.

I was founding chair of the Velocity Web Performance, & Operations Conference, editor of the Web Operations book, and a contributor to the O’Reilly Radar blog. These efforts became in what we now call the DevOps movement.

Prior to O'Reilly, I served for 5 years as's “Master of Disaster” where I was responsible for Website Availability for every website bearing the Amazon brand. I created the GameDay Program, which has been widely adopted by many other leading websites. The knowledge, experiences, and opportunities to make big changes at Amazon set the direction & trajectory of my career.

I am a Volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Manager, and I led a task force deployed in Operation Hurricane Katrina. My experiences in the fire service profoundly influence my work in technology, and I strive to distill my knowledge from these two worlds and apply it in service of both.

  • Education
    • Mission College